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Eco Diamond® offers lab diamonds or man made diamonds that are grown in a laboratory and test positive as a real diamond.
We also offer the most scientifically advanced diamond simulants. These stones are diamond infused creating a perfect alternative to mined diamonds.

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We say “Yes” to custom requests! Fast turn around
and affordable pricing makes Eco Diamond® one
of the best custom jewelry manufacturers in the
business. View samples of previous projects and
let us know how we can help you!

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Let us help you find the perfectly matching
wedding ring for your engagement ring.
Wedding rings can be set with the Eco Diamond® stone
of your choice.

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Affordable gifts for any occasion. From
earrings to pendants and everything in between.

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About Eco Diamond®

Eco Diamond® presents an extraordinary collection of lab created gems, both simulants and man made diamonds. Eco Diamond® offers more than a mined diamond. Our expertly cut, perfectly proportioned lab grown gems provide flawless luster, brilliance, quality and fire, without the conflict and cost of mined diamonds.

Eco Diamond® offers the most technological advanced man made gems and lab grown diamonds on the market today. Our closely guarded lab diamond growing process takes place over weeks compared to naturally mined diamonds which take place over thousands of years. All of our Eco Diamond® Simulant and Eco Lab Created Gemstone jewelry comes with a risk free, lifetime guarantee against chipping, scratching, and clouding. We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all orders.

Every Eco Diamond® round gem is cut to Hearts and Arrows specifications. This means that all facets are in perfect alignment, proportion and symmetry, which gives you the most beautiful, visually scintillating alternative to Naturally Mined Diamonds. Whether you choose our Eco Diamond® Simulants or our Eco Diamonds®, we offer an eco-friendly, conflict free alternative that truly captures all the elegance and intensity of mined diamonds.

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