Appropriately, the peridot, otherwise known as the “gem of the sun”, belongs to the month of August. This gemstone has been used in ancient Egypt to harness the power of nature, ward off nightmares, and secure peace and happiness.

Another nickname for the peridot is “The Evening Emerald” because the gem glows greener under artificial light, even though it sparkles vividly any time of day. While the peridot is famous for its lime green glow, the green hue can have tints of yellow or brown depending on the iron content of the specific stone. Similar to the difficulty in differentiating the ruby with other red stones, the peridot was often mistaken for an emerald until after medieval times. It is possible that Cleopatra’s emerald collection was actually a collection of peridots, considering that the “emeralds” on the Cologne Cathedral in Germany are peridots.

There are two common theories as to where the peridot got its name. Scholars believe it comes from the Arabic term “faridat”, meaning “gem”. Another idea is that it comes from the Greek term “peridona”, whose definition means to “give plenty”. This is also a fitting theory since the peridot is associated with prosperity and good luck.

The peridot is abundant in a few areas of the world, making it an affordable gem for those born in August. In Arizona, the San Carlos Reservation is the most productive mine in the industry and supplies peridots to most of the world. The island of Zabargad in the Red Sea is so tremendously rich with peridots that the gems can be found in fissures in the land, and there are so many near the coast that the sand is sometimes tinted green. Other places peridots can be found include China, Myanmar, Africa, and Pakistan. In fact, during the 1990’s, some of the most elite peridots were found in Pakistan; some stones were more than 100 carats!

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