I think we’ve all been there, you think that you are going to give that family member or special someone the gift of the year, they will open it up and fireworks will be going off in their mind because they have just received something they have always wanted or was at the very top of their list! Unfortunately, the way we think things are going to go, are normally not the case. Chances are it goes a little something more like this:

“Here, open my gift,” you say with a big smile on your face. As they open your gift and start to pull it out, they make that face that on the outside says I love it, but on the inside I’m probably going to return this. Wouldn’t you know, the next day they are asking if you have a gift receipt. What if you could give them something that was customized just for them? Yes, I’m talking about custom jewelry.

With Eco Diamond's Custom Collection you work directly with our Design Specialists to create a piece of jewelry that is exactly their style. Use this as a bonding project. Come up with a special way to tell them about their custom jewelry gift and let them be involved in the design process. Allow them to approve the CADs (Computer Aided Designs) of their custom jewelry before creation, and then don’t let them see the finished piece until you give it to them. This will create anticipation and excitement for a gift they are going to love! So chances are, the gift opening will go a little more like this:

“Wait until you open everyone else’s gift and then I will give you my gift, you say.” “I can’t wait any longer, just let me open your gift!” “Ok, I guess you’ve waited long enough.” “Yes, they say with extreme excitement!” They open your gift and as you expected, you are at the top of their list for best gifts given to them this year. The type of reaction you don’t need a gift receipt for, and can truly feel great about!

Check out some of the creations from customers who have designed their own jewelry through the Exclusively Yours Collection! View more of our Custom Jewelry  on our Pinterest page!

Custom Jewelry 

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