“Are you saying yes to the dress?” says the bridal consultant. “I am saying yes to this dress!” says the bride. “Ok let’s ring you up!” $5,000.00 later, the bride is walking out of the store with her dream gown. You might recognize this conversation from the show Say Yes to The Dress on TLC. Although a fun show to watch, the reality is, not all brides have a large budget, but still expect to find the dress of their dreams. The question now becomes, how do you get the dress that meets all of your expectations and still stay within your budget?

Here are some tips and tricks to find a wedding dress for less.

Mass Retailers: Stores from J.Crew, The Limited, and Ann Taylor have all submerged into the bridal industry. Most of these stores offer wedding dresses for under $500.00 with the exception of J.Crew which is more expensive at $3000.00. The styles of dresses offered from these retailers often tend to be more simplistic, which may deter some people away from shopping at these stores. But, with a creative mindset, you can alter these dresses in order to turn them into the dress of your dreams and still stay within your budget.

Used Wedding Dresses: The idea of a used wedding dress can be a bit taboo, as it is the one thing that is supposed to be unique to a bride and represents their special day. The truth is, however, more and more brides are turning to used wedding dresses to celebrate their perfect day. There are plenty of places to find used wedding dresses to include: preownedweddingdresses.com, oncewed.com, woreitonce.com, recycledbride.com, e-bay, or even craigslist. Once again, these dresses can be altered in order to fit your personality and style, making it your own.

Sample Sales: Sample sales are used in the bridal industry to make room for the new collections that are coming in. Typically, sample sales happen 2 to 4 times a year, depending on the store. These sales are perfect for brides because they are getting dresses in perfect condition, for nearly a fraction of the price. The best part, nobody is going to notice that your dress is part of last year’s collection, unless, of course, you plan on inviting fashion designers to your wedding.

Trunk Shows: The months of January through May mark trunk show season. Trunk shows are when designers come into retailers to showcase their latest breathtaking styles. These designers will normally work with you to recommend the best style from their collection, based on your body type and taste.

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