The world of jewelry is always evolving.  Like any other fashion item, bridal jewelry has trends that come and go. One of our favorite new trends is the pairing of different gold color choices in your bridal set.  We have pieces that are cast in multiple gold choices, as well as the option to purchase an engagement ring in 14 karat white gold and the band in 14 karat rose or yellow gold for example.

The beauty of this trend is two-fold.  One, you're not forced to choose only one beautiful gold color for your bridal set.  Two, pairing multiple gold types within your bridal set further serves to make your set uniquely yours and sets it apart from bridal jewelry that other people may have.

Another thing we’ve seen customers choose is a white gold engagement ring with narrow bands on either side – one rose gold and one yellow gold.  This is the perfect trifecta of gorgeous gold colors and really allows you to enjoy the best of all worlds!

To find out more, or get help with customizing your lab-created diamond engagement and wedding rings, call our team at 1-800-682-0581.  We’ll be happy to help!