Carats vs. Dimensions

When looking at diamonds – man-made diamonds or mined, it can be confusing to see that diamonds of the same carat weight, don’t share the same measurements.  While there are ranges of sizes that are typical within the same diamond shape, especially with lab-created diamonds, no two diamonds are exactly alike.  Another large gap in sizes is evident when comparing one shape to another.  For example, marquise shaped diamonds are elongated so a one carat will cover a lot more length than a round brilliant one carat.

While this may seem odd, it’s important to remember that carats are a measurement of a diamonds weight – not its size.

What we see that actually is most important in the end for you, is that size matters in certain ring styles more than in others.  For example, halo styles are going to require exact sizes in order to fit well in the halo setting you’ve chosen.  Another thing to consider is that halos give the illusion of an even larger center stone due to the added dimension around the center stone.

Solitaires allow for much more flexibility in sizes as they don’t have metal or stones surrounding the center stone.

Another style that requires precision in the center size is the three-stone ring as the side stones sizes in proportion to the center stone matter a lot to the balance of the ring.

If you have any questions about the carat weight, sizing or any other aspect of your pure carbon, lab-created Eco Diamond, just call, e-mail or live chat us.  We’ll be happy to help!

 carats versus dimensions