When you are ready to start engagement ring shopping, personal tastes and budget are the first things people usually think about. 

Now, more and more, the question of how ethically your diamonds were sourced is coming into play too. That is how Eco Diamond came to be. We offer ethically sourced and ecologically sustainable beautiful Eco Diamond and Eco Diamond Simulant jewelry that is specially created to do no harm to the earth or its inhabitants.

We’re honored that you chose us to help you on your ring selection journey. We want you to be ecstatically happy when your ring arrives as well as for many years to come! Here are some additional things to consider when making your final choice.  What profession is your intended recipient in? Is there manual labor that she is engaged in daily? Does she work in a profession that requires her to hand-wash frequently? Use gloves frequently? Handles chemical agents used in cleaning, laboratories, hair styling, etc.? What are her hobbies? 

These can dull or damage any jewelry. How can you get the best of both worlds? Get her the ring of her dreams but be realistic about the longevity of this beautiful symbol of your love! Consider hitting all the bells and whistles with her engagement ring in a style that pairs well with a solid metal, plain wedding band or if she already has or is thinking about an accented band, have her only wear that. As long as you don’t solder the set, she can leave her wedding band on while keeping her more intricate and delicate engagement ring safely at home during work or strenuous leisure activities.  Alternately, some people choose to purchase a strong necklace in the same metal as the ring and hang the ring around their neck while doing activities that can put the ring at risk.

Finally, keep your ring clean, but never use harsh cleaning agents. A tiny drop of Dawn dish soap in a warm water soak and then a thorough rinse does wonders. Or, consider picking up a bottle of our botanical cleanser that is safe for all water-washable jewelry.

Also, if your final purchase is made through us, you have 2 professional cleanings per year at your disposal – just send your ring in to us, and we’ll take care of it.

Still have questions? Call us! We’re here to help and to arm you with all the information we can to ensure that your final choice lasts a lifetime.