Glistening snow on the ground, sparkling lights lining the streets, sleigh rides and warm fires to curl up by with the one you love. Christmas couldn’t be a better time to plan a romantic proposal! Since you only get one shot at doing this right, we want to make sure we provide some creative ideas for you to make that moment magical, and one she will never forget!

Creative Christmas Proposal Ideas

Give her a personalized t-shirt as a Christmas gift. You can choose what you want to put on the t-shirt, but some ideas may be bride to be, will you marry me, my fiancé, or something that will lead you into the perfect proposal. You can find these t-shirts at Cafepress.comMan Proposing to a Woman

Dress up like Santa Clause and put the ring in the bag of gifts. She’ll never expect it coming. This is a great idea if you have family Christmas parties where kids get gifts. You can also contact a store in your area and ask them if you can ring a bell in front of the store. Then ask one of your girlfriends’ friends to ask her to go shopping. She can bring her to the store where you are ringing the bell. When she arrives, stay in character and when you are ready, pull you Santa whiskers down, get down on one knee and propose.

Use Christmas lights to form will you marry me. You can do this as big as you want, post it on the side of the house, in the lawn or just something small in your home.

Wrap the engagement ring in a larger box so she thinks it something else when you give it to her.

Give her 5 wrapped boxes, each with a different word (will you marry me) and the ring will be in the last box. Make sure you give them to her in the correct order.

While you are decorating the Christmas tree together put the ring around an ornament and hand it to her to put on the tree. Or, you can buy a personalized ornament for the tree that says will you marry me. You can find these ornaments at

Carriage ride. Many communities offer horse-drawn carriage rides through the community. It creates the perfect romantic scenery as you are snuggled close together. Have them bring you to a place that is special to your relationship to pop the big question.

Dress your pet up like a reindeer and use a ribbon to tie the ring around your pets neck. If you have more than one dog, have one with the ring and the other with a sign that says will you marry my dad?

Put the ring inside her favorite pair of gloves and be ready nearby on one knee when she puts the gloves on. This can be done when you are getting ready to leave, as she gets ready, put the ring in her gloves.

If you have a Christmas Party put the ring in Santa’s bag of gifts and she won’t be expecting Santa to say her name as he calls all of the small children’s names.

Find a Christmas movie or holiday movie to see in theaters and contact the theater before hand to buy an ad spot that says her name and will you marry me, it will make that movie one she will never forget!

Put a pair of diamond earrings (lab created of course) at the bottom of her stocking. While she is in awe over the earrings, get down on one knee and say “I was hoping they would match this!” 

However you choose to propose, make sure it is unique to her and something that truly makes her feel special! If you are not quite at the planning stage, but need help in choosing the perfect ring, ECO Diamond is always here to help you! Our Diamond Experts offer a no pressure atmosphere, allowing you to choose the ring that fits her personality and your budget, so you feel confident when you get down on one knee!