Now that you purchased a ring from, how do you care for it? Below, we have come up with several tips and caring procedures.

Make sure if you are doing any vigorous activity to remove your ring.

Before removing your ring to go to bed at night, place it in the same safe place every night.

Remove your ring before doing any house cleaning using harsh chemicals.

Do not place your ring around areas like a toilet, sink, or bathtubs.

Make sure to clean your ring at least once per week.

You can clean your ring using normal dish soap and an old toothbrush. Gently scrubbing and rinsing with water.

Do not wear your ring when applying heavy makeup, lotion or creams to your hands to avoid excessive buildup.

Do not wear your ring while swimming.

Do not touch the gemstones with your fingers. This will prevent clouding.

Do not store with other jewelry. This will eliminate scratches to the gold and stone.

With these tips mentioned above, your ring will always sparkle. It will present itself like the day you purchased it. You wouldn’t forget to change the oil in your car would you?