If you are shopping for a diamond, you are probably overwhelmed by the variety of choices within the same stone shape and carat size.

Whether you are shopping for a mined diamond or a lab created, man-made diamond, you’ll notice quite the swing in price.  Since both are composed of carbon, you’ll get the same properties.  Some are desirable and some not as much.  Their hardness is second to none in gems – a 10 on the Mohs Scale of Relative Hardness. The other properties all diamonds share are color and clarity, and the less color there is and the higher the clarity of the diamond, the more desirable and costly it becomes.  Why should any of this matter to you when shopping for a diamond? The tough answer is that it can be case-by-case based on the optical properties you’re left with for any given diamond – mined or lab created.

Here is the color scale for reference:

GIA Color Scale

And here is the clarity scale:

GIA Clarity Scale

The further your diamond sits to the left of these scales, the more you’ll pay. Carat weight isn’t the only indicator of cost.  The inclusions (flaws) in a given diamond are as unique as snowflakes, so essentially the only reason you should care about any of this is to determine if a particular diamond you want to buy has flaws that are eye visible, meaning anyone can see them without magnification tools. You’ll want to look at the diamond, check the placement of the inclusions, and make your decision from there.  Here is an example of 2 very similarly sized Eco Diamonds® whose pricing is varies tremendously, and you can see why below when we give you the magnified view.

Diamond Comparison

On the left is a 1.12 Carat, Round Brilliant, K color, I1 clarity Eco Diamond® that sells for $1,965.60.

On the right, you see a 1 Carat, Round Brilliant, G color, VS1 clarity Eco Diamond® that sells for $5,031.00.

This is a dramatic difference but you can see why they are graded so differently – the smaller of the two being way more costly.  Bottom line, we hope this helps, but if you need any additional assistance choosing an Eco Diamond® or have questions on the price, call us at 1-800-682-0581 and we’ll be happy to walk you through!