Engagement ring styles vary, which is a good thing - their recipients vary too!  We love the many details that give each ring it's own charm, personality and allure.

One of our favorite touches is the "surprise" stone.  A surprise stone is a tiny gemstone that sits alone just beneath the center stone of an engagement ring.  Typically there is one on each side of the ring - one to face the wearer and one facing the world.  We love this detail because as the name indicates, it is a surprise.  Another thing we love about it is the flexibility it lends to the look and style of the ring.  We see our customers choosing Eco Diamonds which are man made diamonds, or gemstones from sapphires to emeralds and even quartz for these accents.

We offer this beautiful touch in several styles, such as our Mary(pictured here), our Micro Bling ,our Split Links Engagement Ring, our Nora, and our incredibly popular Adriana engagement ring, among many more. 

If you want your diamond engagement ring to feature an Eco Diamond accent stone, simply buy one of these styles on EcoDiamond.com.

If you'd like to give your simulants or lab created engagement ring a beautiful and unique twist, call our team to order one of these styles and ask us about a dazzling gemstone option for your "surprise"! 

Mary Surprise Stone Engagement Ring