To me, your wedding day is one of the biggest days in your life! It’s one of those memories you will come back on time and time again to talk about. “Do you remember the speech your cousin made?” or “The food was great, the caterers did an awesome job!” These same memories are hopefully the ones your guests took away, and if not hopefully they can take away a great wedding favor! I thought it would be a good idea to take a look, now that we are entering into Fall, at some ideas as to what to give away at your upcoming weddings. I went through and chose some of my personal favorites, which can either be purchased or if you would like to get a little more personal, homemade.

Fall Leaf Wine Bottle Stopper

Wine Bottle Stopper

Personalized 9 oz. Wine Glass - I actually went to a wedding and got one of these, and to this day every time I drink out of it I think of that wedding, interesting to say the least.

 Wedding Gift Wedding Glass

Personalized Shot Glass

Bridal Gifts

Personalized Glass Mugs

Wedding Gifts

Personalized Reusable Travel Coffee Cups

Wedding Gifts Travel Mugs

Mini Mason Jars with Apple Butter

Wedding Gifts Mason Jars

Simple Country Wedding Jam

Wedding Gifts Jam

Personalized Lip Balm

Wedding Gifts Lip Balm

Fall Leaf Candy Dish

Candy Dish

Scented Wedding Favor Candles

scented candle gifts

My advice, whichever wedding favor you choose, make it personal to you and your fiancé and something that your guests can take with them and actually use.

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