The warm purple hue of the amethyst brings an ambiance of hope and kindness in the chilly and dreary month that February can be for many of us. However, right in the middle of this shortened month is Valentine's day, an exciting day for you and that special someone. Valentines day and the amethyst go hand in hand; the story goes that Saint Valentine owned an amethyst with the figure of his assistant, Cupid, carved in it. The commitment to a strong, long lasting relationship is the purpose of Saint Valentine's Day.

The symbol of the amethyst has evolved through the years but still holds true to its core values. Today, the amethyst stands for stability and overcoming, but this is only based on it’s original representation of the word, “amethystos”. Amethystos translates to “sober”, as centuries ago it was common practice to serve wine in goblets decorated with amethyst to prevent overindulgence or addictive behaviors. Amethysts also have a history of being hard to find, and quickly became associated with the jewels of royalty. 

Today, lab-created and simulated amethysts offer responsible, ethical and beautiful ways to enjoy your own amethyst jewelry! 

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