Halo diamond engagement rings are one of many popular choices in engagement rings.  The halo style features a sparkly frame of tiny accent stones around the center stone.

Halo rings can feature a variety of shapes for the center stone.  As with other engagement rings, round centers are the most popular, however, halos are beautiful on rounds, ovals, princess cut, cushion cut  and emerald shapes.  Halo rings can feature more accent stones down the band as well.  Some very famous halo rings featured gemstone centers such as Princess Diana's ring that held a sapphire center.

Ours feature our beautiful, ethical, Eco Diamond accent stones around a center that can either be our Eco Diamond Simulant, or our true, man-made, lab-created Eco Diamond as the center stone.

One bonus of this beatiful style is that it adds dimension to the center stone creating a larger, more sparkly feel to your ring.  For those who love symetry and sparkle, our halo style engagement rings are a great choice.  Use our website or call our team to order yours.


halo ring in rose gold