The halo style engagement ring is a beautiful ring style that will last forever. So what is a halo style engagement ring? It is a ring style that features a halo circle or border of diamonds that surround a center stone. This style of ring started in the 1920's during the Art-Deco era. This era was popular for elegant designs that incorporated components such as neoclassical and futuristic designs. This style of architecture also inspired a new style of engagement ring called the halo. This fashion faded out into the 1930's but saw a comeback in the 1960's.

The Halo style of ring accents the center stone and increases the perceived size of the center stone, and visual impact of the stone. It is available in many different styles including classic, antique, and contemporary styles. This feature allows halo's to be the most sparkly engagement ring.

In 2012, the halo diamond engagement ring was one of the most popular styles again.

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