'Tis the Season!
As we head into the holidays, many people who have long been considering making their love official, finally take the plunge!  With families spending time together, it's a perfect time to announce the expansion of your family. When the time comes to propose to your intended, how do you make a memory that'll last forever?
Here are some ideas that'll make your holiday proposal unforgettable.

Propose outdoors at a Christmas Tree lighting or Christmas lights display.  It's romantic and beautiful and someone else will have tackled the hard work of decorating.
Schedule a photo shoot for your annual Christmas Card Photo and propose during the shoot.  Your amazing moment will be captured in photos naturally!
Set up a day to pick out a tree and propose to your love at a tree farm.  The beautiful smell of Christmas trees will always be intertwined with your proposal memory.
Build a snowman together in the first good snow of the season.  Enlist the snowman's help in presenting your ring.
If you have friends or family that will help without spoiling the surprise, find a place that will allow you to step in as Santa this holiday season.  Have friends or family bring your sweetie to see Santa and make it a visit with Santa she'll never forget!
Propose in your home while decorating your tree together.  Now your magical moment is made in your home.
If hanging stockings for Santa is a tradition at your house, a beautiful engagement ring tucked in the toe of a stocking on Christmas morning is sure to be the most memorable Christmas morning ever.
Of course, vacation proposals are also very beautiful and memorable too.  
Whichever way you choose to propose, make it your own and make it memorable!  Incorporating details of special significance to the two of you is always a plus - these are details only you can envision, for everything else, let us know how we can help you create the perfect beautiful, ethical and responsible engagement ring for your proposal!