A well-worn subject for the man who is ready to get engaged is how much to spend on the engagement ring. While much has been said and even published about the topic, there isn’t truly a hard and fast dollar amount that applies universally to every single couple.

When you decide to make a life-long commitment, there are many things you’ll be spending money on, and only you can truly know what a reasonable amount is to allocate towards the engagement ring. With the fact that diamond ring costs can vary quite a lot based on a number of factors, it can be confusing trying to decide the right amount to spend on an engagement ring.

The beautiful thing is that there are many amazing choices for engagement rings in a variety of price points. Depending on what you’re shopping for, there’s something for nearly any budget - within reason.  

Eco Diamond is honored to offer cost effective options so that everyone can afford an engagement ring that they will be proud to present to the woman they love.

Eco Diamond offers an entire selection of engagement rings under $1000 for a complete piece that features pure carbon Eco Diamond accent stones and Eco Diamond Simulant center stones or even a smaller carat weight of Eco Diamond for the center. These beautiful, ethical and affordable options include solitaires, vintage styles, single row engagement rings and even halos.

There is also a wide selection of engagement rings under $500.  This includes simple bands or solitaire settings that are priced under $500 for the setting itself.  Then add the cost of the center stone, whether you prefer a pure carbon Eco Diamond or an affordable Eco Diamond Simulant.

Don’t worry though - if money is no object, we’ve got you covered too! We offer gorgeous 2 carat engagement rings that can feature your choice of a stunning Eco Diamond or a more affordable Eco Diamond Simulant for the center stone. The best part is that either choice is ethically sourced, conflict free and eco friendly, so no matter how much you decide to spend, you can be proud of the engagement ring that you present.

For added options, we also offer even larger carat weights, fancy colored Eco Diamonds and even a full line of custom created jewelry so you can be sure we’ll be able to provide you exactly the engagement ring you’ve always wanted - no matter how much you’ve decided to spend.