After receiving your engagement ring and getting the surprise of a lifetime, it is now time for you to surprise your friends and family. You have a secret you want the world to know. Since the dawn of the internet there are so many ways to let your friends and family know. New electronic ideas are through Facebook, Twitter, or even sending out an e-card. I still prefer the non-internet route for your close friends and family. Some great ideas come to mind from friend’s engagement announcements I have witnessed over time. Getting a photo shoot done and sending a postcard with a simple saying "Finally!  He popped the question and of course I said yes!" is always a simple, but great idea. Another way is to wait for a family gathering like a birthday, Christmas, or any other get together to announce the engagement. Most times the best time for the announcement is during or after the dinner prayer. That way everyone is around and you do not have to gather everyone up. Do you have any ideas on the best way to say hay we are engaged? Feel free to post your comments below.