Our customers come to us at Eco Diamond looking for the best lab-created diamonds for their budget.  We do what we do to help our customers save money, but even more importantly to provide beautiful diamonds that respect the earth and all its inhabitants.

In the course of our company’s journey, our family has made the commitment to bring you true, made-made, pure carbon lab-created diamonds.  Of course, since they are true diamonds, and the creation process is costly, Eco Diamonds can be very costly too.  You’ll save an average of 25% when you buy a lab-created diamond versus a mined diamond.  We can help you save even more.

With a man-made diamond, as with a mined diamond, you’re shopping and paying based on carat, cut, color and clarity.  The greater the carat weight, the better the cut, the closer to colorless and the closer to flawless, the more expensive the diamond will be.

One great way to save money on a beautiful Eco Diamond is to be open to weights just under the 1 carat or 2 carat weights.  Exact 1 carat diamonds and exact 2 carat diamonds are costlier than their counterparts that are within a fraction of a carat.

Another way to save is to look at beautiful options that aren’t super-high on the color AND clarity scale.  You can get a lower grade of color that has a high level of clarity and end up with an incredibly beautiful, lab-created, pure carbon Eco Diamond ring while not spending outrageous amounts of money.  Pictured here is a 1.79 carat, Round Brilliant, J Color, VS1 clarity lab-created Eco Diamond®.  Even at magnification, do you see any flaws?

Contact our team of Eco Diamond experts at 1-800-682-0581 for more help for your special jewelry project.

J color VS1 1.79 carat