I was browsing various news websites this morning and came across an article about a man that accidentally sold his wife's $22,000 wedding ring. Although I am sad to hear they are trying to track down the person that bought it, it makes me stop and think. Why would somebody spend $22,000 dollars on something they can get for considerably less if they just looked around a little more?

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure this ring is absolutely remarkable, however, if this person would have chosen simulants, he could have gotten the same beauty at a fraction of what he spent. All of our Eco Diamond Simulants are D Flawless, meaning they are the highest possible grade you can get. We also offer Lab Created Diamonds which are physically and chemically the same as a naturally mined diamond and will test positive on a diamond tester. Both our simulants and lab created diamonds or man made diamonds are conflict free and eco-friendly. So choosing a lab created diamond or diamond simulant sounds like the best decision. Wouldn’t you agree?

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