Garnet is the symbol of prosperity, good health, happiness, and wealth. Is there a better way to begin the new year? This “gem of faith” compliments any new year's resolution, as those who carry this gem will be rewarded with good as a bonus to their positive commitments and actions.

“Garnet” is born of the latin word “Granatum”, meaning seed. When in clusters, the deep red hues of garnet mimic the colors and bundles of pomegranate seeds. Garnet is known for its distinctive and intense red glow, yet, as with most gems, can be produced in a variety of colors. By nature, the adjustment of iron, calcium, and manganese in the gem can present color variations such as the cherished and rare green garnet, or the expensive colorless stones. Garnet is durable, measuring a 6.5-7.5 on the Mohs scale. It is common to find garnet in the foreign lands of the Czech Republic, Greece, Russia, and Sri Lanka, but can be abundant here in the states as well, specifically in Wyoming, Arizona, and Idaho.

This gem also stands as the “protective gem of journeyers”. With this in mind, the ideal recipient of a garnet is someone whose friendship you deeply value with hopes of their safe and celebratory return home. The sense of purpose that the garnet stands for is the perfect symbol of the blank slate of the new year as we journey through the opportunities it presents.

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