When you purchase or receive a gift of fine jewelry, the sparkle and brilliance of the piece is often breathtaking.  As time goes on, you may start to be less impressed as shine is diminished.  This is normal and will happen to any piece of fine jewelry that is actually worn and lived in.

That said we want to be sure that the wear we put on our fine jewelry is appropriate.  Exposure to chemicals and manual labor that causes it to be struck should be avoided completely.  Even hair care products, cosmetics and creams can dull the appearance of your jewelry, so make sure to take your ring off when applying or keep all of those to a minimum as much as is possible.

For ongoing maintenance, cleanliness is the key.  Regular cleanings go a long way towards protecting your investment.  When cleaning your jewelry, avoid using any chemical cleansers or abrasives.  We commonly hear of people using tooth paste to clean fine jewelry and that is not advisable!  Harsh abrasives from crushed rock (yes, crushed rock) such as silica and limestone are the main ingredients in many tooth pastes, and these are not friendly to any type of jewelry.

So what can you use?  Our Eco Diamond® Botanical Jewelry Cleaner uses botanical extracts to safely clean any jewelryEco Diamond Botanical Jewelry Cleaner that is water washable – even opals.  This allows you to safely clean your jewelry in a way that naturally restores brilliance as frequently as you’d like.  Simply spray your piece of jewelry, allow the cleaner to work for 10-15 seconds.  Rub or brush it into your piece with a very soft brush as needed.  Rinse with warm water and dry with a lint-free cloth.

Don’t have time to wait for a shipment? In a pinch, your best on-hand solution is mild dish detergent, warm water and a very soft tooth brush.  (This is assuming that the jewelry to be cleaned is water-washable.)  Put your jewelry into a dish that allows you to submerge it in warm water with just a drop or two of dish soap.  Allow it to soak, gently brush it with the soft toothbrush, rinse with warm water and dry with a lint-free cloth.

Taking the time to regularly clean your jewelry has the added value of giving you a moment to inspect your jewelry regularly for loose stones before they become lost stones too. Professional cleanings are advised at least twice a year to deep clean your jewelry, getting into spots you may have missed.

Protect your investment, AND your sparkle with regular cleanings.