Lab-Created Diamonds Aka Man Made Diamonds or Synthetic Diamonds; are they all the same?

Shopping for diamonds has never been simple, but today there are more choices than ever before.  In addition, the information we now have about how mined diamonds are acquired causes many of us to do a lot more careful consideration before we make any buying decisions.

In order to be responsible citizens of the earth, many people are looking to lab-created diamond options instead of mined diamonds.

This can also be a daunting process with lots to consider and not a little confusing / conflicting information out there. For 

Round Brilliant and Radiant Cut Lab Created Diamonds

starters, there are various names used for lab-created diamonds. 

Lab-created Diamonds

Man Made Diamonds

Synthetic Diamonds

Pure Carbon Lab-Created Diamonds

While all these terms refer to lab-created diamonds, these are not to be confused with simulants.  One thing that adds difficulty to the search can be the information available about the stones.  Bottom line, simulants can be beautiful, affordable options, but don’t be confused about what you’re buying.  The difference is chemical – diamonds are made of carbon and are the hardest gems available (10 on the Mohs scale of relative hardness.) Simulants (while also made in a lab), are made up of elements other than just carbon and can’t match diamonds in hardness.  Eco Diamond labels all stones that aren’t pure carbon as simulants.  As you search, remember that firstly, lab-created diamonds are graded the same way that mined diamonds are by carat, color, clarity and cut, and secondly, there will be a grading certificate available with the purchase of an authentic, pure carbon, lab-created diamond.  This is true whether you’re buying a loose diamond, a lab-created diamond engagement ring or other lab-created diamond jewelry.

If you still have questions about man made diamonds, just call our professional team at 1-800-682-0581.  We’ll be happy to get you any additional information you may need.