At Eco Diamond we are incredibly proud to offer all hand crafted items made to order for you. Christmas is coming and even if you're not getting engaged, we have the perfect gift to put under your tree.  

We lovingly hand craft our lab-created Eco Diamond and Eco Diamond Simulant engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, pendants and even birthstone and family or other personalized jewelry to order, bearing each of your detail selections in mind during creation.

We want everyone to get the beautiful items they want to share (or wear!) this Christmas, so we're letting you know that this Friday, December 8th is our cut-off to order our sparkling and ethically made beauties and be assured guaranteed delivery by Christmas.
Our skilled goldsmiths, designers and gemologists are literally working overtime to make each piece by hand right here in the US.  Nothing  we offer is mass produced or stashed on a warehouse shelf, so if you're thinking of the gift of an Eco Diamond piece of jewelry this year, don't wait!