By unintentionally substituting the wrong element – for one they intended to use workers at Eco Diamond's main laboratory have accidentally hit upon a revolutionary new optical enhancement for their eco diamond simulants. 

This is an interesting instance of technology leading science. There are many diamond simulants on the market all claiming to be superior to their competitors. Eco Diamond believes that chemical reactions occur between the surface of the core stone and the ionized atoms of the gas forming an ultra-strong bond. By continuing to deposit atoms from the hot gas on the coated object the thickness of the coating can be rapidly increased to the desired thickness. This technique can be used to produce many different kinds of coatings besides diamond and can be engineered for special requirements such as hardness and resistance to corrosion and abrasion. We're especially careful about trying to maximize the visual benefit of our new coating as we move closer and closer to replicating the reflective and refractive properties of naturally mined diamond

This new technique is in its infancy but all tests and comparisons indicate that the coating can be applied to any core shape with excellent adhesion which is permanent.

In pure crystalline form most carbon is graphite which consists of molecular sheets of elemental carbon atoms linked together into planes and arranged in a pattern that looks like an open form of wire graphite is a slippery black substance use as a lubricant and for making pencil lead among other things but when subjected to enormous pressure the spaces between carbon atoms in graphite are compressed forcing the atoms to rearrange themselves into compact eight sided crystals of diamond

Natural diamonds are believed to have been created by the great pressures and high temperatures that prevail deep in the Earth's crust and mantle whether natural or synthetic diamond has properties you meet among all of the known substances. Diamond is the hardest known material that has the highest refractive index (a measure of the degree to which a material bends light), and it conducts heat faster than anything else, faster even than copper. Diamond can also act as a semiconductor and it has been proposed as a base material for electronic chips replacing silicon