March babies are fortunate enough to have the beautiful, calming blue aquamarine as their birthstone.

Aquamarine's understated color alone invokes peaceful and relaxing feelings since it's reminiscent of crystal clear waters.  It was fabled to be the treasure of mermaids, and sailors used it for courage, good luck and protection at sea.

The shimmering aquamarine represents harmony, and when used in engagement or promise rings, it symbolizes eternity, commitment and fidelity.  

With this much beauty inside and out, it's no wonder that even those with birthdays in other months love the aquamarine too.

Whenever you were born, it's never been easier to enjoy a beautiful, ethical and responsible lab-created aquamarine from Eco Diamond.  Call our team today at 1-800-682-0581 and let us know which of our stunning, hand-crafted jewelry pieces you'd like set with an aquamarine. Any ring, pendant or earrings we offer can easily be converted into gemstone jewelry with just a call, email or live chat to our team.