Confused about what metal to choose for your engagement ring?  We understand!  We offer our customers a broad selection in order to accommodate every taste and situation.  With so many choices, how can you know which is right for you?

Personal taste is the biggest influencer in this decision.  When shopping for someone else, be aware of the recipient’s taste and style.  (Example: what do they currently wear? Have they dropped any hints?)

Allergies are another driving force in this choice.  It’s not super-common, but some people are allergic to the alloys used to strengthen gold, so these individuals need a purer metal choice such as Platinum or Palladium since these metals (while more expensive) are 95% pure versus gold alloys that vary in purity.  Their purity, rarity and density make Platinum and Palladium more expensive choices – but if you have allergies, it’s great to have that option.

Why would jewelers add alloys to gold?  They have to!  Gold in its purest form (24K) is far too soft for jewelry.  For this reason, 14K White Gold contains 58.3% gold, 8.75% nickel, 8.33% zinc, and 24.6% copper. 18K White gold is 75% Gold, 5.25% nickel, 5% Zinc and 14.8% copper.  Our 14K Rose gold will have a higher percentage of copper since copper is the ingredient that gives Rose Gold its pink color.

The most popular metal choice we see is 14K White gold followed by 14K Yellow and 14K Rose. These are affordable and durable choices that work well for most people. 

Pictured here from left to right is our Annabelle in 14K Rose Gold with a .75 carat Eco Diamond® Simulant Center, a beautiful custom ring in Platinum set with a 2.06, J, VS2 lab-created Eco Diamond® and our Olivia Engagement and wedding rings set in 14K Yellow gold featuring a 1 carat oval Eco Diamond® simulant center.

Bonus - because we love the earth and all of its inhabitants, our jewelery is hand-made in the U.S.A. with recycled metals that don't use cyanide in their processing.

If you have additional questions on the best metal for your Eco Diamond® Simulant or lab-created Eco Diamond® engagement ring, give our team a call, live chat us or email us – we’re happy to help!


14K Rose Gold Platinum and 14K Yellow Gold