Those born in October are offered a beautiful thing – options!  (In their birthstones they are, at least.)  October claims for its birthstones both Opals and Tourmalines.

In addition to having two entire gemstones to choose from, October babies are able to choose from a veritable rainbow of colors within the offering of each gem.  In fact, both the Opal and the Tourmaline have names that refer to their varied colors.  Opal comes from a Greek word meaning “to change in color” and the Tourmaline’s name means “stone of mixed colors”.  Either way, October offers a lot of choices for birthstone jewelry.  Some legends explained the existence of both the opal and the tourmaline as being the result of traveling through a rainbow.

From a more practical perspective, if you have a favorite color, and you were born in October, chances are we can find you a birthstone in your favorite color!

Things to keep in mind are that opals are very soft and delicate and require special care and very gentle cleanings.  (Our Eco Diamond Botanical Jewelry Cleaner is gentle and safe enough to use on opals, but be careful – there are many cleaners out there that are not safe for use on opals.) 

The tourmaline measures a respectable 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale of relative hardness, versus the opal’s measurement of 5.5 to 6, so tourmaline is definitely the more durable of October’s two birthstone choices.

As with any other birthstone gem, Eco Diamond offers the option to set any of our pieces with opal or tourmaline – it doesn’t have to be a birthstone ring to make it a birthstone piece!  Give our team a call, chat us or email us and we’ll help you get the perfect ring, pendant or earrings in any shade of October’s rainbow offering!


                           Opal and Tourmaline