“A promise of friendship with a desire to let it grow into an engagement of marriage,” Author Unknown. I couldn’t have summed it up better myself, to explain what a promise ring or pre-engagement ring truly symbolizes. Often times that friendship comes at an age where one has many large decisions left in their life, whether it be the path to take after highschool, or their first career right after college. At this point, financially or mentally you might not be ready to make a lifetime commitment, but know that when that time comes you want to spend a lifetime with her, your best friend.

This purchase and process can still cause nervousness, as questions like what is her ring size, is now even the right time, will she even like it or wear it, goes through ones head, and mentally you are preparing yourself for an even bigger purchase in the future.

When is the Right Time to Give a Promise Ring for HerPromise Ring

If You Are Young : Promise rings for her should only be used if you are young, as it is normal for a young couple to not be in a strong enough financial position to get married. Promise ring styles may be used as engagement rings as you get older, if financially you are not in the position to get an engagement ring.

If You Have Been in a Relationship for 6 months to 1 year: These are normally large anniversary dates in young couples relationships where this type of commitment is normal.

If you have had serious conversations about your future together

What to Do to Prepare

Pick a date that is important to both of you

Get her ring size: If you need her ring size download our engagement guide

Do some research on popular styles: rings with hearts as well as engraving are often popular. Also take notice to the styles of jewelry she already wears and the type of gold, whether it be yellow or white.

Find a jeweler you are comfortable with

Make an educated decision: You want her to be happy with the ring you give her to make the moment that much more special. Work with the jeweler to find the perfect ring for her.

Make sure you are actually making a promise when you are giving her this ring, don’t just do it because you know she wants one or it would make a great gift. The love you have for each other is real, so the promise should be too.

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