Thoughts start rushing through your head, “do I get down on one knee? Do guys even do that anymore? Should I have talked to her parents? O no, what if she doesn’t like the ring?” You end up asking yourself so many questions before the proposal, that you become a nervous reck, and will most likely pass out before you can even pop the big question. Well, we want to help you get through one of the biggest moments in your life, so you can give her the perfect proposal and still be standing when she says “Yes!”

Proposal Do’s and Don’ts:Proposal Picture


Make it a surprise – If you want to get the reaction you see in the movies, don’t tell her you’re going to propose to her. Your significant other wants to know you put some thought into planning and the surprise aspect is part of that. However, don’t surprise them with a proposal if you have never talked about marriage.

Know if she wants to pick out her own lab created diamond engagement ring – Some women prefer to pick out their engagement ring, after all they are going to wear it for the rest of their lives and secretly, they have been shopping behind your back anyway. It’s important to know if your significant other prefers this, so she feels confident in the ring she is wearing.

Know her style – This is all part of getting her the perfect ring. If you know her style, you are more likely to pick out an engagement ring that she would have picked and ultimately making that proposal that much more perfect.

Get down on one knee – Chivalry and tradition is not dead. Keep the tradition alive and get down on one knee, it shows her just how much she means to you.

Get her parents blessing – Just as you get down on one knee, asking for her parents blessing shows respect to both her family and her. Knowing that you value their opinion is very important.

Take her feelings into account when planning the proposal - If she doesn’t like large group settings a proposal in front of a large group of people might not be for her.

Make the proposal creative – This is just another way to show her just how much you truly love her. Plus, everyone is going to be asking her how it happened, and she’s always happier to tell them if she has a really good story.


Propose to early – Just as with the surprise aspect, you want to make sure you have talked about marriage in your relationship, and that you are both ready. Asking to early can possibly have a negative reaction, and if she says no, can be very hurtful for you.

Propose for the wrong reason – Make sure you are proposing because you truly want to spend the rest of your life with her. If you are doing it for any other reason, you may both be unhappy in the relationship and ultimately end the marriage early.

Propose at a sports game – Besides not taking very much thought, even if she is a huge sports fan, proposing at a sports game does not offer the intimacy a proposal should have. The environment is very loud and doesn’t allow for her to hear the speech you put so much effort into preparing.

Don’t worry about perfection – She is not looking for the proposal to be perfect, the only thing she sees and hears is the love you are expressing during the proposal.

Don’t hide the engagement ring in food – Besides being another cliché proposal, hiding the ring in food could be dangerous. If she doesn’t pick up on the hint, she may eat the ring!

The world of jewelry can be overwhelming, especially when purchasing an engagement ring! ECO Diamond has put together an engagement ring guide to help take the stress out of proposing, so you can give her a proposal that is absolutely magical!

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