Many times when shopping online I find myself browsing products searching for that PERFECT item that I just can't find at a local store. I often buy from online stores as it is easier and more convenient. However one thing I find myself running into over and over is lack of imagery of a product. I am more of a "see" instead of "read" type person. So to be able to actually view a product is a HUGE plus for me!

At ECO Diamond we offer videos of the Lab-Created ECO Diamonds and our ECO Diamond Simulants that are set in all of our jewelry found on our website. I feel this helps trying to compare the look of a Lab Diamond or Diamond Simulant with that of a naturally mined diamond. You can see just exactly how the stones sparkle and reflect light so beautifully. ECO Diamond also has individual videos for each of the ECO Diamond Simulants shapes on each products "loose diamond" page.