When considering the choices available while shopping for an engagement ring, one beautiful and elegant choice is the single row engagement ring.  Single row quite simply means exactly that, a center stone with a single row of accent stones down the band on either side.

 Single row rings are perfect for the person who loves sparkle and elegance.  Someone who wants more than a solitaire, but likes clean, simple, timeless styles.  Our Single row engagement rings such as our ever-popular Riley Engagement Ring offer sparkle and glamour without being fussy or over-the-top.

 Eco Diamond offers our single row engagement rings with beautiful and ethical Eco Diamond accents stones and the option of one of our affordable Eco Diamond simulants or our Eco Diamonds as the center stone.  Our Eco Diamonds are truly diamonds.  Man-made diamonds are created in a lab, and they ensure that your diamond is conflict free and ethically sourced 100% of the time. 

 Want to explore the options for a lab-created diamond engagement ring or any of our other options?  Call, email or live chat our team for more information!


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