Jewelry that's getting worn is getting dirty, there's no way to avoid it.  Regardless of how high the quality is, how beautiful the piece is and no matter the style, daily wear exposes your jewelry to dirt and residue. 

The reason cleaning jewelry is so important to the beauty of the pieces, is that the sparkle of our gems, whether naturally mined or lab-created, is dependent upon light being able to pass through them.  One deterrent to cleaning your own jewelry is the fear of damaging it.  Bottom line, if you aren't sure, get professional help. For many pieces though, as long as they are water washable, you can do routine maintenance on your own to extend the time between professional cleanings.
Eco Diamond® offers a Botanical Jewelry Cleaner that is safe on all water washable jewelry - even pearls and opals, and is very effective. 
Most pieces that are water washable benefit greatly from soaking in a dish of warm (not hot) water with a drop of mild hand wash dish liquid. In most cases, you can further clean nooks and crannies using a soft bristle tooth brush.  Finally a rinse in clear warm water and a pat dry with a soft, lint-free cloth and you're all set. Be sure to use warm water - not hot, since many gems can shatter with abrupt temperature changes.  
Prevention is a big deal too.  Don't wear your rings while applying lotion, makeup, or hair products.  Don't wear your rings while doing cleaning, gardening or any manual labor.
Always feel free to contact us here at Eco Diamond® with any questions.  We're happy to help you keep your jewelry looking its very best.