Listening to a young couple in a restaurant last night, I overheard how stressful their wedding day was, and how they are glad it is over with. This led me to think about my wedding day. I was also a bit stressed. So I did a little investigating into this and sought out some advice from others experiences and what they would have done different to eliminate the stress.

1. Don't stress about your weight, or workout routine. Who doesn’t want to look their best on your wedding day? Do stress free workouts like yoga. Do not opt for boot camp style workouts. I know most couples want to shed the most pounds possible. My tip for them is getting a good tan. This will make you look healthy and vibrant. It will also give you the illusion of an instant 10 lb weight loss.

2. Don’t Stress about your dress or how your body looks in your dress. Most women stress most about the dress. Take a picture of yourself in the dress and look at it later on in the day. See how you like it. Ask friends for their opinion. Take several pictures from several different angles. Most likely you will say to yourself, WOW, I really look good in this dress. Mirrors can often times not be so friendly.

3. Do things that relax you on your wedding day. Try going for a run to get rid of the extra anxiety. Watch a movie to pass the time. Do something to remove the extra stress. I would recommend doing some form of exercise. This will help calm your nerves and release happy thoughts in your brain.

4. Last but not least, don’t over extend yourself. Do not spend more than you can afford. Start by purchasing your ring at ECO Diamond.

Follow these simple steps to help for a stress free wedding day.