Jewelry, like anything else that is worn for fashion and beauty, has tons of options when it comes to styles and designs.  With everything that's available from common to custom, there are still a select group of styles that rise to the top.  These styles become favorites thanks to beauty, style and comfort.

Popular Engagement Ring Styles

Here are our customer favorites in reverse order.
#3. The Halo Engagement Ring.  Halo rings are very popular due to the sparkle and flexibility of the style.  Halos offer an accent stone "frame" around the center stone adding brilliance and the illusion of a bigger size to the center stone.  Halo engagement rings come in many shapes. This further adds to the flexibility of the style. One downside to halo engagement rings is that the tiny halo accent diamonds are held in place by very little gold or precious metal, making the final product a somewhat delicate piece.
#2. The Single Row Engagement Ring.  Single Row rings are classic and feminine. They are just what the name implies - a center stone with a single row of accent stones on either side.  Eco Diamond® offers pure carbon lab-created Eco Diamond® accent stones on all new engagement rings, and the option of our Eco Diamond® Simulants or pure carbon, man-made Eco Diamonds® for the center stone.
#1. The Solitaire Engagement Ring. The all time, single most popular engagement ring style is the solitaire.  The solitaire is timelessly stunning. Solitaires come in many shapes and sizes - the one common characteristic is the single center stone as the star of the engagement ring.  Eco Diamond® offers Eco Diamond® Simulants and pure carbon Eco Diamonds® as options for center stones.  Beyond that, the options are limitless.  With precious metal choices of 14K gold in white, yellow and rose, 18K in white gold and yellow gold, and even palladium and platinum, the variations are endless.  With narrow and thick bands, smooth, knife edge and even metalwork designs in the band itself, solitaire engagement rings are available for every taste, style and budget.  The solitaire is easily paired with a wedding band that features accent stones, so solitaire engagement rings don't exclude the wearer from enjoying sparkling accent stones!
If you'd like help determining what combination of style, precious metals & precious gems is best for you, call us at1-800-682-0581, email us at or use our live chat function.  We're happy to help you get the ring of your dreams!