Valentine’s Day, it’s one of the most romantic days of the year! Chocolates, flowers, sentimental cards, and the word love being used in every couple’s sentence. With all the talk about love I can’t imagine it doesn’t stem any other thoughts like, “I’m ready to be with them for the rest of my life” or “She’s the one!” If you fall into this category, chances are you’re thinking about proposing. We want to help you plan a magic, yet memorable proposal with some ideas on how to propose that are sure to win her heart!Valentine's day chocolates picture

Candy Hearts

Find the candy heart that says “Marry Me,” share the bag of candy with her, keeping the marry me one in your pocket. When she’s not paying attention, take it out of your pocket and say this one is perfect for you! Then immediately get down on one knee and propose.

Snow Heart

For those of you who live in a snowy winter wonderland, this one is for you. Walk a big outline of a heart in the snowy ground or use some other method of outlining a heart in the snow. This can be done in a field, park, picnic area or wherever you have a wide open space. Add your initials to the center of the heart to make it more meaningful. Plan for a winter walk that goes past your heart, and pack a thermos of hot cocoa and other sweet treats. Then go for a walk and “find” your heart, get down on one knee and propose.


Buy a box of chocolates, take one chocolate out and replace it with the ring. Plan a special moment to give it to her like after a homemade dinner. Say the chocolates are for dessert, and when she opens the box and sees the ring, get down on one knee and propose.

Valentines Cards

Buy a box of little valentine cards, like the ones you used to pass out when you were younger, and write one reason why you love her or a favorite memory together on 13 of them. Hide them in her coat pocket, underneath the windshield wiper, in her lunchbox, or any common places she will find them for the first 13 days of February. On Valentine’s Day, present her with a real Valentine’s Day card and propose.

Write a Love Song

Write a love song ending with the proposal and upload it to YouTube. You can use a picture of you two or something significant to both of you for the album cover. Send her the URL at home or at work saying something like I think this song describes us perfectly or reminds me of you. If you are sending it to her at work, send it later on in the day so you can pick her up right after she watches it, taking her to a dinner with friends and family.

Recreate a First Date

Recreate your first date whether you went to a movie, went to a restaurant or played miniature golf, plan to do that same thing. If you went to a restaurant, make reservations for the same one. You can even get a cd or put the song on your IPod for the car that was playing on the radio on your first date. In your own words, say that you’ve recreated this moment because it was the moment you met the person you’re going to marry, then get down on one knee and pop the question!


Get a dozen roses or more, and tie the ring to one of the stems. When she notices it, ask her if she will be your Valentine for a lifetime or your forever Valentine.

If all else fails or your looking for something quick, chocolates always win a girls heart, or at least mine anyways! But my advice don’t wait until the last minute, plan out your proposal because it’s something you will both remember for the rest of your lives (and everyone will be asking about it). If you have any questions about the perfect ring for that special proposal, our diamond experts at ECO Diamond are always here to help!

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