We love being able to share in the wedding of our friends and family, or those closest to us, but let’s face it we look forward to the food being served at the wedding or to get straight to the point, that ever so decadent, mouth-watering wedding cake! Wedding cake has been the tradition for dessert at weddings for centuries, stemming all the way back to the Roman Empire. The classic style of a wedding cake is believed to have first appeared in the nineteenth century at royal weddings.

Today wedding cake is present at the majority of weddings but some couples opt out of wedding cake or include other desserts as well as wedding cake to spice things up! You might see cupcakes of all different flavors, a table full of every candy you can think of, or in my experience, homemade gelato (which I may add was delicious!). Here is a list of desserts that may add a little excitement to the traditional wedding cake.

Homemade Pie

Who doesn’t love the taste of warm, homemade apple pie? Choose different flavors of pies for your wedding either as the main dessert or as an accompanying dish. You can always add ice-cream for an ala-mode.

Apple Pie Wedding Dessert

Sweets Buffet

You can get pretty creative with this. Sweets doesn’t necessarily mean all candy, but choose some of your favorites. You can also include other sweets on this buffet like mini cookies or brownies.

Sweets Buffet


Go a different route for dessert altogether! A good old fashioned milkshake, the flavor of your guest’s choice will surely “quench” their appetite!

Milk Shakes


S’mores are always great as they bring about the nostalgia effect for all of your guests and are always fun for the young ones!



Have you seen some of the cupcakes they have these days? They aren’t your average box mix, they can pretty much make any flavor you can think of! This is definitely a way to get a full menu of flavors for your guests.

Cup Cakes


During the summer this is the best way to cool down. You can play it up and have several different flavors, toppings, maybe some cookies for ice-cream sandwiches, or just your original toppings like caramel, strawberry and fudge.

Ice Cream

Whichever dessert you choose, make sure it reflects your liking and personality, after all it is your wedding. Don’t forget the staff here at ECO Diamond loves desserts too so feel free to invite us or at least send some dessert our way!