I don’t think people would argue that the best part about being engaged, other than the fact you get to spend the rest of your life with your best friend, is definitely the gift registry! You and your fiancé get to take a scanner and go through your favorite store, scanning all of the items you long for. I’ve even heard some couples put gaming systems on their registry, which I’m sure is all the bride’s idea! Since this is your one excuse however, for others having to buy these items for you, don’t just settle putting all your eggs in one basket, register at more than one store so you can be sure to scan all of the unique items you love!

According to realsimple.com, here are the top 10 places to register for wedding gifts:

1.)    Bed, Bath & Beyond

2.)    Bloomingdale’s

3.)    Crate & Barrel

4.)    JC Penney

5.)    Kohl’s

6.)    Macy’s

7.)    Pottery Barn

8.)    Sears

9.)    Target

10.) Williams-Sonoma

These stores offer home décor, such as bedding and bath, kitchen and dining, storage and cleaning. Some stores like Target, may offer more such as electronics. One other store I found was REI, which is a store specializing in outdoor activity equipment and clothing. These are the more popular places to register for your wedding gifts that were listed, however, in doing some more research I happen to come across SimpleRegistry.com.

Bridal Registry

This site allows users to create a wedding registry by putting any item from any store onto one registry. It even allows you to put non-tangible items onto your list like donations to your favorite charity or cooking classes. You can use their mobile app to scan barcodes or take photos of items when you are on the go. If time is not on your side, or you are looking for a simpler way of doing your gift registry, this website is a perfect fit!

Two other really cool sites I stumbled upon were HoneyFund.com and CardAvenue.com. Honey Fund allows your guests to purchase activities for you to do while you are on your honeymoon or even contribute money to the honeymoon itself. Card Avenue is a much different approach as well to the gift registry in which you guessed it, register for gift cards.

However you plan to register for your wedding gifts, remember it doesn’t hurt to think outside of the box whether it’s about the gift or the actual type of registry. From everyone at ECO Diamond happy planning!