My now fiancé finally proposed this December with a beautiful engagement ring from ECO Diamond of course! It was a surprise, but somewhat expected since we have been together for about 5 years. We haven’t set a date yet, and to be honest, one of the main reasons is because I’m nervous to get started planning, as there is so much to do. One of my biggest fears, is hurting someone’s feelings when creating my bridal party, and sending out invites for our wedding. So, like anyone else, I wanted some guidelines as far as whom I should invite.

The problem that I am faced with, is that I come from an extremely large family. My mom with 17 children on her side, and my dad with 12. My fiancé, however, comes from a smaller family making it much easier to choose as far as cousins on his side. If there is one thing I know, family size does matter when deciding who to invite. Getting on with it, I have found some helpful tips as far as invitations that I thought I would share.

The first one came from, and the one I thought was extremely helpful. They said to create 4 lists, one A, one B, one C, and one D list. On the A list you want to put those people that you couldn’t imagine getting married without besides your family, such as your close friends you hang out with almost every weekend and college roommates. The B list is for aunts, uncles, cousins and high school friends you’ve stayed in touch with. The C list should contain coworkers and your parent’s friends and neighbors you have known for a long time. Finally, the D list should contain distant relatives, and people you may have lost touch with. Now, go through each list starting with D, and eliminate those people who wouldn’t mind missing your wedding. This is an easy way to cut down the size of your wedding list.

However, when you are going through this list, the elimination becomes the hard part, because if you’re like me your too nice to eliminate anybody. However, unless you have an unlimited budget for your wedding, which I’m guessing most people may not, then you have to size it down. Some other guidelines I have found are:

  • Don’t invite anyone that you haven’t seen in the last 6 months
  • Any guest in a long-term relationship gets a +1
  • If you make plans with coworkers or your boss, they are more like a friend to you than just a working relationship. But, if you only are lunch buddies or say your greetings when you walk into work then chances are you won’t hurt their feelings.
  • If you do have a large family, consider only inviting those cousins of families you are close to or grew up with.

There are so many things that come with planning a wedding and this can make anyone nervous. I am so happy I have the family at ECO Diamond and not just my coworkers, but the extended family of all our customers and followers to help me along the way. Any advice you have would be great. Like we say, our diamond engagement rings aren’t just to promise today, they are to promise a lifetime!