Let’s face it, we all have that board on Pinterest entitled “My Dream Wedding,” and it is filled with numerous pins of our favorite flowers, perfect dresses, how we want the reception to look and much, much more. After all, our hope is that the day we say ‘I Do,’ is flawless and everything that we dreamed it to be, or basically the wedding that we planned on Pinterest. With that being said, as you are planning, you may see some of these trends and experience them at other weddings you may attend this summer and for the rest of 2014.

Rustic, Woodland Themed Weddings: The theme for 2014 seems to stem from nature around us. Many more weddings will contain elements of a more wood-grain style and have a more rustic feel than the traditional formal wedding style.

Wedding Colors: This is up for debate as I have found two different opinions. According to brideappeal.com greys, blues and shades of purple will be popular wedding colors this year, but according to an article by huffingtonpost.com, nudes, blushes and peaches are the colors of choice. Whatever the case, pick the colors that you know will make you the happiest. If you are debating between the two choices above, in my opinion, greys, blues and shades of purple are colors that would work well from September to December and nudes, blushes and peaches will work well during the summer months.

Guest Lists: It is said that trends are moving towards a more personal approach and guest lists are not as large as they used to be. According to brideappeal.com, more and more couples are staying between 100 and 125 guests, making it close family and friends for a more intimate approach.

Guest Books: There are some things that will always remain traditional for weddings, guest books, however, are not one of them. More couples are using a scrapbook style guest book in where guests take a Polaroid photo of themselves whether with a camera or an actual photo booth and paste it into the scrapbook with a personal message. This gives the bride and groom a great way to remember who shared their special day with them.

Reception: Activities and party favors are becoming more popular. Signs such as “pick a seat not a side” or “dance the night away,” with slippers or flip flops in a basket underneath will give your guests a reason to really have fun. Photo booths have become extremely popular, after all, the night is all about memories. The last thing that couples have really started to add to their reception is signature drinks. Normally something that represents both the bride and groom and incorporates the colors that they have chosen for their wedding.

From everyone at ECO Diamond happy wedding planning, and we hope that the day you say ‘I Do’ is as beautiful as the love you share for one another!