Conflict diamonds, also know as blood diamonds, are known to come from regions in the world such as Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Angola.The United Nations defines these diamonds as diamonds that have been mined in such areas that are undergoing civil war or some other internal conflict. These diamonds are used to help finance these wars or conflicts. In many of these regions children and adults alike are forced into slave labor, torture, and violence. Children are forced to become soldiers fighting for regions that control the illegal diamond trade. If they don't commit to these conditions they are either killed or turtored until they submit.

Most jewelry companies are uneducated to these conditions and are unaware of this illegal activity. Some companies just turn away and say its just part of doing business. Really! Killing and torture is part of doing business! Because of this, the illegal diamond trade continues. People are being taken advantage of every day.

With the advent of the advance of diamond coated simulants, which simulate the look and feel of a naturally mined stone, and lab created diamonds that are grown in a lab, we no longer need to support these criminal regimes. Eco Diamonds offers only these alternatives. We are making our stones the new NATURAL decision. We are doing our part to stave off the violence and cruelty.