Preparing to propose to the love of your life is an incredibly exciting time! There’s so much to prepare, to plan and of course, you have to purchase an lab created engagement ring. Among the other details to decide on regarding the ring, a big part of the decision is how to choose the carat weight of the center stone.  It may seem like a simple matter of cost, but there’s a bit more to it than that. Of course cost is a determining factor, however, within a single price range, there are several different carat weights that will apply. There are several factors that determine the final cost of a diamond - cut, color and clarity all matter in addition to carat weight.

The most important deciding factor of all is knowing what your partner wants and expects in a ring.  Purchasing an engagement ring as a surprise for your partner is romantic and wonderful and should be done any time it seems to be a viable option.  That said, there are many clues and queues to be had from your partner along the way - especially in relationships that are far enough along that marriage is on the table.  Of all the opinions out there - hers is the one that really matters.

There are some influencing factors outside of that as well.  For one, with all the options on the market today, the 1 carat diamond ring is still the single most popular choice for engagement rings.  This is due to the fact that the 1 carat round brilliant cut diamond is stunningly proportional on nearly every ring style and finger size.  The other thing to bear in mind is that stones that are slightly larger and slightly smaller than the 1 carat weight size are quite popular as well, with the 1.5 carat diamond ring close in popularity.  Determining factors also include the width of the band, and the ring size of the recipient. Knowing these details can help you determine what carat weight stone will appear graceful and proportional in the final piece.  

For some women, the quality of the diamond is much more important than the size, but for others, the trade off of going to a slightly lower grade in cut, color and clarity is worth it, in order to have a larger stone.  We see all type of requests for larger diamond rings including 2 carat diamond rings, 2.5 carat diamond rings, and even 3 carat diamond rings.

Bottom line, while it’s hard to go wrong with the beautiful 1 carat size that is quite traditional, do what you can to determine what your partner is hoping for and drawn to.  She’ll be the one to wear, love and show off the ring for years to come!