In 1947, when a major diamond company launched its ever popular slogan “A Diamond is Forever,” purchasing an engagement ring with a naturally mined diamond was a no brainer. How could you not, when to many men and women this slogan meant that diamonds symbolized marriage is forever. People were not as educated about where their “representation of eternal love” or their diamond was coming from then, and if they knew, things may have been different, especially if they had another option. Lucky for us, we have that other option, lab created diamonds.

Lab Diamond Engagement Ring
A custom lab created diamond ring.

Lab created diamonds are grown in a carefully controlled laboratory environment using an advanced technological process, either HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) or CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition).  They have the same physical and chemical properties as naturally mined diamonds but are grown in a different environment. There are three huge factors that contribute to the purchase of lab created diamonds, these include price, the environment, and being free of conflict.

Price - Currently you can purchase lab diamonds for 30 to 50% less than naturally mined diamonds, depending on the carat weight, clarity and color.

Environmentally Friendly – Creating lab diamonds requires no ecological impact, meaning they do not require natural resources to be taken from the earth in order for creation.

Conflict Free – Probably the most important factor when purchasing a lab diamond. For decades naturally mined diamonds have been mined in a war zone, being sold in order to finance an insurgency, an invading army’s war efforts, or a warlord’s activity.  The organization in charge of regulating blood diamonds has since identified this conflict and has put a process in place, otherwise known as the Kimberly Process, to strengthen the diamond industry’s ability to stop sales of conflict diamonds. The Kimberly Process only allows countries to accept officially sealed packages of diamonds, allows countries to bring upon criminal charges on individuals trafficking conflict diamonds, and bans any individual found trading conflict diamonds.

You may say to yourself then, why worry now if I buy a naturally mined diamond, and the answer is this: The Kimberly Process is NOT guaranteed, and has ultimately failed to stop the flow of conflict diamonds. This failure has lead key organizations who have found the link between diamonds and war to abandon the Kimberly Process. Also, diamonds with the Kimberly Process Certification are not guaranteed due to corrupt government officials in diamond producing countries who are bribed in exchange for the Kimberly Process Certification. Click here for more information on conflict diamonds.

The truth in all of this, it is still your decision, but whether a naturally mined diamond or a lab diamond the meaning does not change. The symbol of everlasting love is still the same!

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