Eco Diamond® Simulant

What is an Eco Diamond® Simulant?

Eco Diamond® Simulants are one of the stunning alternatives to mined diamonds that Eco Diamond® offers. Under high heat, Diamond Like Carbon (SP3 carbon) bonds to the surface of our Eco Diamond® Simulants making them optically similar to mined diamonds with a D color and flawless clarity. Because Eco Diamond® Simulants are optically similar most jewelers can’t tell that they are not mined diamonds. The same material needed to cut a diamond is used to cut an Eco Diamond® Simulant, making them extremely resistant to chipping and scratching. If an Eco Diamond® Simulant should ever dull, fade, chip or scratch, we back it with our lifetime guarantee!

How is an Eco Diamond® Simulant different than a mined diamond?

While our Eco Diamond Simulants® are optically similar to mined diamonds their crystal core is not chemically the same. It is made up of different elements, making Eco Diamond® Simulants a fraction of the cost of mined diamonds and a very budget friendly alternative for those who want their dream ring but can’t afford it. Because of the different chemical makeup of the Eco Diamond® Simulant and a mined diamond, Eco Diamond® Simulants will not test positive on a diamond tester. While mined diamonds might say they are eco-friendly or conflict free, our Eco Diamond® Simulants are made in a carefully controlled laboratory environment and are 100% guaranteed.

How is an Eco Diamond® Simulant different than Cubic Zirconia (CZ)?

An Eco Diamond® Simulant reflects the optical qualities of a naturally mined diamond making it superior to Cubic Zirconia, as Cubic Zirconia does not contain SP3 carbon bonds. CZ has less brilliance and more fire than our Eco Diamond® Simulants thus CZ flash and sparkle more and take on a “costume jewelry” effect, especially with larger stones. Our Eco Diamond® Simulants achieve the level of brilliance and captivating depth a naturally mined diamond displays no matter what size stone. Cubic Zirconia is also a much softer, porous stone, making it susceptible to chips and scratches as well as fading over time. The Eco Diamond® Simulant is extremely resistant to chipping, scratching or fading and is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

How is an Eco Diamond® Simulant different than Moissanite?

Eco Diamond® Simulants and moissanite are chemically made up of different elements with moissanite being made up of silicon carbide, having no diamond like carbon. Due to the different chemical makeup moissanite has a different faceting pattern and refractive index, meaning light passes through it differently than that of an Eco Diamond® Simulant or naturally mined diamond. This causes it to have more fire and brilliance than our Eco Diamond® Simulants or naturally mined diamonds, which some might say will create a “disco ball” effect, especially when in sunlight or with larger size stones. Also, while Eco Diamond® Simulants are near colorless, moissanite is more prone to showing tints of yellow in different types of lighting.

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Eco Diamond®Lab Created

What is an Eco Diamond®

Eco Diamonds® are conflict free, eco-friendly, IGI certified diamonds, that are physically, optically and chemically the same as naturally mined diamonds. Through an advanced chemical process, Eco Diamonds® are grown in a carefully controlled laboratory environment where they are then cut, polished and laser inscribed with a lab-grown stamp, so you never have to worry about what kind of stone you are getting. Each Eco Diamond®, like a naturally mined diamond, varies in cut, color, clarity and carat allowing you to make the choice that is right for you. When you purchase an Eco Diamond® you will also receive it’s IGI certification so you can feel confident about your unique lab created stone.

How is an Eco Diamond® different than a mined diamond?

The two biggest differences between an Eco Diamond® and a naturally mined diamond are where they come from. As in the name, mined diamonds come from the earth. Although there are processes in place to ensure eco-friendly, conflict free mining, these processes often fail due to corrupt governments. Our Eco Diamonds® are created in a laboratory and will never make you question your conscience because they are guaranteed both conflict-free and eco-friendly. Our Eco Diamonds®, unlike mined diamonds are superbly cut and polished to produce the stone’s ultimate beauty, regardless of carat weight. Eco Diamonds® provide exceptional value and will cost you about 25% less than a naturally mined stone of the same cut, color, clarity and carat.

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