Why should I buy from Eco Diamond®

At Eco Diamond® the 4 C’s are part of everything we do, but this time we’re not referring to color, cut, clarity and carat but commitment, care, consistency and communication.

We are committed to offering our customers unique, timeless designs that they will love for years to come with a promise that each of these designs are eco-friendly and free of conflict. Our commitment goes even further with our lifetime guarantee, to make sure that the jewelry you purchase from us stays as beautiful as the day it was sent to you.

We care for each and every one of our customers as if they were our own family. We want to be there for all of your cherished moments in life, from the day you find your soulmate to the sacred vow of forever to the very first mother’s day. We will be there to celebrate with you! With this you can trust we will not pressure you in any way, but only be there to help and answer any questions, so you can find the perfect piece for that special day.

Consistency is key. We believe that every time you buy from us you should be blown away with your experience. It is important that when you are purchasing jewelry that carries a lot of meaning, whether it is a pendant, or lab created engagement ring that you have no remorse, especially because of bad customer service. We welcome our customers to always tell us how we are doing so we can only give them the best experience every time they come to us.

Communication is important in all aspects of a relationship, especially the relationship between our customers and us. At every step of the process you will know where your piece of jewelry is at, whether it is in casting or about to be shipped. If there will be any delay, for any reason, in getting your piece of jewelry to you, you will be contacted right away. Communication goes both ways, and our customers are no exception. View our testimonials to see what they have to say.

At Eco Diamond® when you make a lifetime commitment, so do we!