100% Recycled Metals - Manufactured In The USA!

At Eco Diamond® our promise to be eco-friendly and conflict free extends far beyond our stones. Each one of our settings is hand-crafted with precious metals that are 100% recycled, leaving you with a beautiful piece of eco-friendly jewelry.

The Benefits of Recycled Metals

  • Recycling precious metals does not lead to degradation in quality of the precious metal
  • It eliminates harm of the earth’s surface from mining
  • Recycling precious metals does not need the use of cyanide. Cyanide is used in mining for gold extraction and is highly toxic to both humans and animals

The Metals We Offer


Our Gold settings offer wonderful color and brilliant luster. Each of these settings are available in 10K, 14K, or 18K White, Yellow or Rose Gold. Since pure Gold is too soft for use in jewelry, it is often mixed with other alloy metals such as Copper and Zinc to give it that hardness or durability. K which stands for karats, measures the proportion of Gold mixed with these alloy metals, thus a higher karat of Gold means a higher proportion of Gold and will be more expensive. Our 14K White Gold is 58.3% Gold, 8.75% Nickel, 8.33% Zinc, and 24.6% Copper. Our 18K White Gold is 75% Gold, 5.25% Nickel, 5% Zinc and 14.8% Copper. The most popular type of Gold chosen for our settings is 14K White Gold. However, the type of Gold you choose should be based on style preference. For example, if you are drawn to cooler hues and silver-toned jewelry, then White Gold is the way to go. But, if you tend to gravitate towards warmer tones then you should choose Yellow or Rose Gold. If you are choosing a ring for your girlfriend or boyfriend, it’s important to pay attention to the clothes or jewelry they wear.


Platinum is one of the densest metals, and is considered the most precious of all jewelry metals. Platinum jewelry appeals to many people because of its elegant understatement, subtle beauty, and hypoallergenic qualities. For metal to be labeled as Platinum, it must have a minimum Platinum purity of 95%, anything less needs to be labeled as Platinum Alloy. Compared to Gold, Platinum is significantly more expensive due to its rarity, pureness and the fact that more platinum due to its density needs to be used to create a piece of jewelry. At Eco Diamond®, we only use Platinum with a purity of 95% or 950 Platinum for our settings, which equates to 95% Platinum and 5% Cobalt.


Palladium is a Platinum group metal and thus is also extremely rare. It takes on many similar qualities as that of Platinum such as being hypoallergenic and its purity, however it is less dense, making it less expensive. At Eco Diamond® we only use 950 Palladium, which like Platinum is 95% pure and equates to 95.2% Palladium and 4.8% Ruthenium and Gallium.


At Eco Diamond® we only use Sterling Silver for all of our Silver jewelry. Sterling Silver is the standard for high-quality Silver jewelry because it consists of 92.5 percent Silver and 7.5 percent copper, which improves the metal’s hardness and durability to ensure the jewelry will withstand regular use. Sterling Silver is most popular for jewelry which can be worn both casually and formally, making it very versatile. Compared to other precious metals, Sterling Silver doesn’t have as much rarity and thus costs much less.