Affordable, Carbon Infused, Diamond Alternative

Our Eco Diamond® Simulants offer an environmentally friendly and conflict free alternative to earth mined diamonds. No indigenous people have been exploited, nor has there been any abuse of our limited natural resources coming from mother earth.

The Eco Diamond® Simulant is formed from a crystal internal core and has an infused outer layer of carbon. This patented proprietery method gives our Eco Diamond® Simulants flawless luster, brilliance, quality and fire equal to that of fine mined diamonds for a small percentage of the cost.

The scientific advancement of our Eco Diamond® Simulants is unlike any other. They are internally flawless in clarity, D (Highest Grade) in color, and are cut to ideal hearts and arrows. Our Eco Diamond® Simulants are nearly optically and physically identical to that of a mined diamond.

All of our Eco Diamond® Simulants are available in most shapes and carat sizes. This gives you the opportunity to easily find the perfect fit for you.

Why Choose An Eco Diamond® Simulant?

  • Fire, Brilliance, and Beauty

    The Eco Diamond® Simulant, compared to other simulants on the market, has the most fire, brilliance and beauty. Simply put, this simulated diamond is as realistic and natural looking as a simulant can be and measures up in quality to the best earth mined diamonds.

    To the naked eye, most jewelers cannot tell the difference between our Eco Diamond® Simulants and naturally mined diamonds. This is due to the patented technology behind the infused lab created outer layer of the stone. This gives the Eco Diamond® Simulant an internally flawless clarity, and D color. All of our stones are cut by master diamond cutters, giving you a high quality cut with each and every stone.

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  • Lifetime Warranty

    You can shop worry-free knowing that Eco Diamond® Simulants are covered by the best guarantee in the business! If any Eco Diamond® Simulant ever fades, discolors or becomes damaged, it will be replaced Free of Charge!

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  • Price Savings

    Naturally Diamonds are mined in the most inhospitable areas of the Earth. They are located in the out back of Australia, the deserts of Africa, and the tundra of Russia and Canada. One of the reasons mined diamonds cost so much is the huge amount of labor required to mine a small amount of product. For one point of diamond weight there is over 1,000 pounds of ore and rock processed.

    A one carat naturally mined stone can vary in price based on quality from around $3000.00 to $15,000.00. Ouch!

    Our Eco Diamond® Simulants are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Since we can control the quality of our Eco Diamond® Simulants, all of our stones are top quality. The Eco Diamond® Simulant is priced at just $160.00 per carat. This is just a fraction of the cost of a naturally mined stone. This makes the Eco Diamond® Simulant engagement ring a smart, economical choice. Best of all it does not harm the Earth!

  • No Blood Diamonds, Conflict Free

    Conflict diamonds are diamonds that originate from areas controlled by forces or factions opposed to legitimate and internationally recognized governments. They are used to fund military action in opposition to those governments. You can rest assured that our stones are conflict free. Our stones are lab made right here in the USA!

  • Hardness & Durability

    Our Eco Diamond® Simulant has a carbon infused outer layer. This bonded layer gives our stone a hardness of 9.1 on the MOH scale. Because the hardness is so close to that of a naturally mined stone, we use the same material to cut our Eco Diamond® Simulants as used with mined stones. Unlike CZ or other low quality simulants on the market, our Eco Diamond® Simulants are non-porous and will not absorb oils such as lotions or soaps. Our stones are guaranteed for a lifetime against chips, cracks, scratches, clouding or discoloring.

ECO Diamond Simulant Vs. Earth Mined

PropertiesMined DiamondECO Diamond® Simulants
More BrillianceDepending on cuta
ColorD-ZD (Highest Grade)
ClarityVaries on inclusionsFlawless
CutVaries on cutterIdeal Hearts and Arrows
Always Conflict Freeaa
No Blood Diamondsaa
Hardness On Mohs Scale109.1 Will cut glass
Carbon Bonds100%90%
Environmentally FriendlyVaries on mining techniquea
Lower Priceaa
Cut For Beauty Not WeightRetention depends on cuttera
ConsistencyDepends on cuttera
Lifetime Warranty?a
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