100% Pure Carbon, Lab Created Diamonds

Known as lab created diamonds or man made diamonds, our 100% pure carbon Eco Diamonds® are the best diamonds that technology can deliver. They are absolutely identical to that of a mined diamond in every way. The best part is that they are not dug out of the earth but instead are created by a scientist in a lab. With Eco Diamonds® you save an average of 25% compared to the price of a mined diamond of like kind and quality.

The Eco Diamond® is guaranteed conflict free and is grown right here in the USA. Our Eco Diamonds® are physically, optically, and chemically the same as a naturally mined diamond. Since our Eco Diamonds® are grown in a carefully controlled laboratory setting, they deliver the highest quality grade of all diamonds available.

Why Choose An Eco Diamond®?

  • Fire, Brilliance, and Beauty

    Our ethical lab grown diamonds offer all the same fire, brilliance, and beauty of a mined diamond without the cost. Our stones range in carat from around .35 carats to 3.5 carats. They are available in several grades of cut, color and clarity all the way up to IF (internally flawless) in clarity, D in color, and excellent in cut. 98% of mined diamonds will never achieve these grades. Out of all of these grades, cut is the most important. We insist on cutting our Eco Diamonds® to the highest standards to produce brilliant and beautiful stones, achieving maximum beauty no matter the stone's weight.

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  • Unbeatable Value - SAVE ON AVERAGE 25%

    Compare and save. Our Eco Diamonds® are not only a better quality stone than most mined diamonds on the market, better yet, they cost less. On average 25% less! This cost savings is achieved because we are not excavating 1000’s of tons of Earth in remote parts of the world, to find the perfect diamond for you. We are growing them right here in the USA. We grow them over a period of weeks in a lab setting compared to thousands of years in the earth.

  • IGI Certified

    You can have complete confidence when purchasing an Eco Diamond®. All of our man made diamonds will test positive on a jewelers diamond tester and come certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI). You will receive this certificate with your purchase. IGI is one of the most trusted diamond grading laboratories in the world.

  • Conflict Free, Environmentally Friendly

    Since all of our Eco Diamonds® are grown right here in the USA, you can rest assured that all of our stones are humane, conflict free, and ethical. You will have complete confidence that you are not supporting war, abusive child labor, or damage to the Earth, as each Eco Diamond® is laser inscribed with Lab-Grown.

ECO Diamond® Vs. Earth Mined Diamond

PropertiesMined DiamondECO Diamond®
More BrillianceDepending on cuta
ClarityVaries on inclusionsVaries on inclusions
CutVaries on cutterVaries on cutter
Always Conflict Freeaa
No Blood Diamondsaa
Hardness On Mohs Scale1010
Carbon Bonds100%100%
Environmentally FriendlyVaries on mining techniquea
Lower Priceaa
Cut For Beauty Not WeightRetention depends on cuttera
ConsistencyDepends on cuttera
Lifetime Warranty?a
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