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Emerald Cut Loose Eco Diamond® Simulant

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Our Emerald Cut Loose Eco Diamond® Simulant is an elongated rectangular step cut featuring an elegant look with large straight open facets. The step cut of our emerald cuts creates flashes of light which contrasts the dark within each step, often referred to as the "hall of mirrors effect." Due to this, emerald cuts will not have the same brilliance as most diamonds and some may say offer subtle sparkle. Our Emerald Cut Eco Diamond® Simulant very much reveals its D to E color and flawless clarity. Contact our team if you have any more questions about our Emerald Cut Eco Diamond® Simulant and we would love to help!

  • Larger sizes can be special ordered, however custom orders are non-refundable. Please call customer service at 1-800-682-0581.



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