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Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This glamorous, yet elegant setting is truly fit for an angel. A popular style for the soon-to-be bride, our collection of halo engagement rings feature one of our beautiful Eco Diamonds® encircled with tiny accent stones. These accent stones enhance the natural color and sparkle of the center stone. Not seeing the ring you are looking for? We can help! Contact our experts to help you find your dream halo diamond ring. Learn about why you should choose a halo engagement ring!

Five Reasons to Consider a Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

But first, what is a halo ring? In comparison to a solitaire style ring where the spotlight is on the stone, a halo diamond ring features small stones that encompass the center stone, just like a halo. The outline of these small stones accessorizes and brings focus to the centerstone while enhancing the glamour of the ring. Popular cuts for halo rings include round and princess, but there is no reason that a halo can’t add an emphasis to an emerald, marquise, or oval cut stone! So why walk away from the beautiful and traditional solitaire ring and consider a glittering and brilliant halo ring?

More Bang for Your Buck

Halo style rings effortlessly make smaller center stones look larger. Generally, it is more economical to purchase a smaller center stone surrounded by a halo versus one big center stone.

Provides Cushion for Pointed Cuts

Sometimes people turn away from marquise and pear cut diamonds because they get caught on things and could chip. However, the extra layer the halo provides around the center stone minimizes the risk of breaking the stone.

Vintage Charm

Introduced during the 1920’s, some consider halos to look as if they were “pulled out of your grandmother's jewelry box.” That being said, halo diamond rings are in style again and should not be considered a passing fad. These elegant, classy rings have a timeless character all of their own!

Celebrity Style

It’s no secret that halo engagement rings make a statement. They are a common choice among stars and royalty and are clearly the rings that will turn heads and dazzle everyone you meet.

Bling vs. Simplicity

There is a lot of flexibility and customization with halo rings. There are options to have more than one halo, or to have the halo next to the stone or slightly away from it. In addition, the ring can be further decorated with more stones along the band, or the band could feature elaborate details, be entwined, or completely smooth. With these endless combinations, there is a halo engagement ring out there for people with a plain, simplistic style, and there is a halo ring out there for those who prefer bold and glitzy styles.

There is a halo style for everybody. If you aren't seeing the halo style you are looking for contact our experts and we will help you to find your dream ring!